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TV189 - Frontier

TV189 - Frontier is a shooter/horror survival game in which you must battle through an old lunar site in order to get to the escape pod.

But beware there may be enemies along the way, but according to our studies the previous inhabitants of the planet left some firepower behind for you to use to eliminate the  creatures. The goverment have sent you due to your exeptional work in the Arabian city Crisis. You are humanities last hope, These creatures are immune to the previous antidote, but do not fear to much, there is a secondary vial of another strength in the lunar pod on the other side of the facility, that you must reach.

Good Luck Soldier, We hope you do your best, our fate rests in your hands.

1st Trailer :

2nd Trailer :


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So I went ahead and played both games and while neither was good, each had stronger parts. The second definitely had better art assets and environmental design but the first was a better shooter due to the gun selection and more plentiful ammo. However, neither did a good job of incentivizing combat and the sound design was pretty bad. In each game there ended up being an effect that played literally the whole time and damn was it annoying. If these are your first attempts in making games, they're solid starts, but I'd highly suggest learning a different engine.


Thanks so much I watched your video and subscribed. This was my first attempt at making a game and your feedback honestly means the world to me! I liked the video and ill take your advice and try to implement it in future! But it means the world to me!

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It's a pretty basic game guru game. Game guru is a pretty crappy game creator, so you really have to put a lot into it to make a decent game. 

One thing to note is how flat everything is. Once you go into the base everything is on one floor and it feels very flat. Another thing to add would be windows to make the base feel bigger then it is. 

I would also add more ammo or a melee weapon. You're pretty much forced to just run around the monsters.

Thanks so much for your feedback Proofread I subscribed to you and I also liked the video! Ill take what you said in the video and try and include it in future games, but i hope you enjoyed it or atleast found it funny! But it was my first game and people are making videos on it, This honeslty means the world to me! Thanks!