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Hi, I am also an independant game developer. No titles released yet.  I did not try to play the first Russian game, I figured start with the second game, as it came across as a bit more polished.

You are young, not a lot of experience. do not let that stop you.  You have good ideas.  you are not going to let lack of experience stop you.  You are just charging ahead and accepting feedback, so I think this is a good indication that you will become a great developer over the next few years..   It is an exciting time to be doing software now, as the machines are now fast enough with good internet connections, to make MMOs a reality in a huge way.  I predict you will become very very good over time, as you grow your experience and skills.

What you need to do, I suggest is focus on the details.

Sort of commentary / sort of walkthrough impressions....

Loading the game takes a while. Okay no problem.  But when I  Click ABOUT, no text there.  Please fill out About.

I had no idea of the controls.  I guessed correctly it was WASD, plus C for crouch and space for jump.   Is there a way to put in a hotkey where you can change the controls? Or let the player know what the controls even are?

Crouch sound effect is a bit slow. Jump sound effect seems off and the timing of jump is off.  I suggest maybe jump then your feet hitting the ground. it did not come across as natural. I do not know if that is the engine of your modeling or what.

I had no idea how to get or switch weapons.

There is no sound on this alien world, not even the wind.   If there is no atmosphere maybe have quiet suit tank breathing or something.

In the sky, you have this big ball looks like a very large populated word. little blue lights on the surface seem to indicate cities. but you have the skybox rotating to the right,  which means the moon you are standing on is rotating to the left.  Okay. but at the same time the big planet is staying at the same spot in the sky, and not moving past. so right there it is breaking some laws of physics.

The smaller planet or moon next to the bigger one is too close for it's assumed size. gravity would have  busted it up via tidal forces  into a ring many many millions of years ago.

These rocky open structures that look like ropy rock or whatever they are.. are distracting. you seem to be using them for visual effect, but can you set them up to have some kind of game effect?   Useful for cover, or a minable or searchable resource?

If you put it in the game, it should have some sort of use as cover etc, because otherwise you are losing frame rate for what is eesentially fancy decorations that just  eend up lagging the graphics.

The sound of walking is about half of what normal walking speed sounds would be.  Crouching is even worse.  like step... looong delay.. step. the sound of leaves, when I do not  see leaves present.

I like the rocky terrain of the initial crater starting site. the little green patches of moss or plants, nice color contrast with the grey.

It seems like our character has  some kind of light projecting forward.   It seems also the main character casts no shadow.

Okay, so I see the guns are near the tunnel.   but laying out in the open.  makes me wonder why you have to walk to the guns, to get them, rather than starting with them nearer?  there is not enough terrain there to really have a search for guns.

When I access the ,357 the arming sound has a strange echoing release of the frequency, making it sounds like it is inside a big jar or chamber with a slight echo. 

The firing noise of the magnum is really good.  two shots and a bad guy at the end of the corridor goes down.   I see also rt. click mouse for aiming reticule.  Really, it needs a lits of controls, I think.   

Hitting R Gives some kind of slurping noise?   For  weapon reloading?

But despite there being many many boxes of ammunition, I cannot reload the pistol near those piled up ammo crates before the first door archway.

More ammo crates along the corridor, but they have zero function.   If they are going to be empty, maybe a text box popup when of if you try to access them.   Otherwise they are just set decoration, without function.   

This leads to the idea that the first time we see ammo boxes we get a gun. but if we see more boxes, they are empty.  That sets up a sort of tension.. when and how do you get ammo, but also frustration, i.e. when and how do you get ammunition?

Maybe in the mission briefing you can describe.... or have a minin map of the station that shows an armory. You get low get to the armory, or the barracks or something.   Not ust looking for random loot.

Almost at the end of the corridor, I am liking this alien noises. Pretty scary .. juast hearing it and not seeing the threat. my mind imagines something really nasty... which is the key to horror.

Okay I put two shots into this greyish alien guy, he goes down,  blood effects to show me i hit him, he finally hits the floor.

Gun empty of ammo, showing 0/0 rounds flashing red.  Very nice touch.  And this sparking radiation filing cabinet looking thing.  needs some kind of noise attached, I think.

This first room is really too big... you could get away with something half this size or add in a corridor and another room.    With all this space, there would be more gear here.  or this small amount of equipment  less space.   Just seems too open, like it is a cargo bay, not a science lab.

I like the bloody drag marks graphics...

Finally,  I run into the facility. the enemies are very slow.   I run past them. if they hit me they do only a few damage, 2 or 3.   Falling off one of the crater side  rises gave me forty points and set  the character's heart thumping.   I saw no way to heal, nor did any sort of damage recovery happen.

Entering the turn in the corridor I am out of ammo. I see ammo boxes, but cannot get more ammo.

Finally,  I get.. a crossbow?  What?

But okay it is supper accurate at range. I can bag 10 of 10 enemies, with a little aiming.

Final attack I run out to get the  bad guys to follow me, cut left, they follow cut right, run to the  ship.   Game ends there.   Did not die, made it out on the first try. I felt like okay, that was okay...    It was not super tense or dramatic, but it was a sort of a puzzle of sorts solved. I felt a sense of accomplishment... a little bit.

So, You are working on it. You are improving.   I would not shoot so much for get the new version out so fast, but polish these up some....  

This is off the top of my head. I think you are on the path, but you need to really dig into the details to make this thing polished and come alive.

Good luck.  You remind me of the young developers doing games for the Atari 500 and Amiga and Commodore 64 consoles in the 80s.  crazy wild times. Now we have better tools and machines. good luck.

Wow thank you so much for this. It honestly means the world to me, Im going to go back and try and improve Frontier. But thank you so much! ❤️ 

Gave it a go...

The Final hoarde is undefeatable but there is more than enough ammo in the game for you to wipe out the enemies in the Sci-Fi base. Also another quick note, you must have your graphics lowered to be getting those uglier textures, try turning up your graphics, also the amount of enemies is realistic to the storyline, the sci-fi base held thousands and was invaded by the virus. Try replaying the game at a higher setting and looking for ammo and then you may discover some more enjoyment. But if it wasnt your cup of tea, then id advise you try TV189 - Sandstorm as it has more firefight and not as much hoardes of enemies. Thanks for the feedback though.

Comparing the first game to the second game, you did make a lot of improvements. My suggestion would be to make use of different monster sound files to make each of them sound more unique and different. The current sound file is a bit generic and slightly overused. 

Thanks for the feedback, in Sandstorm i experiment with different types of enemy and there is more firefight aspects but thank you! 


So I went ahead and played both games and while neither was good, each had stronger parts. The second definitely had better art assets and environmental design but the first was a better shooter due to the gun selection and more plentiful ammo. However, neither did a good job of incentivizing combat and the sound design was pretty bad. In each game there ended up being an effect that played literally the whole time and damn was it annoying. If these are your first attempts in making games, they're solid starts, but I'd highly suggest learning a different engine.


Thanks so much I watched your video and subscribed. This was my first attempt at making a game and your feedback honestly means the world to me! I liked the video and ill take your advice and try to implement it in future! But it means the world to me!

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It's a pretty basic game guru game. Game guru is a pretty crappy game creator, so you really have to put a lot into it to make a decent game. 

One thing to note is how flat everything is. Once you go into the base everything is on one floor and it feels very flat. Another thing to add would be windows to make the base feel bigger then it is. 

I would also add more ammo or a melee weapon. You're pretty much forced to just run around the monsters.

Thanks so much for your feedback Proofread I subscribed to you and I also liked the video! Ill take what you said in the video and try and include it in future games, but i hope you enjoyed it or atleast found it funny! But it was my first game and people are making videos on it, This honeslty means the world to me! Thanks!