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TV-189 is a survival-horror game where you must work your way through a series of 8 levels to get the antidote to an infection that has spread across the world. This could be a very real future considering diseases are now building up immunities to disease.


There are 8 Different Zones, Each Zone contains a Weapon, Ammunition and Hostile

You start with nothing, but there is a 357 Magnum Revolving Handgun to be found in the 1st area. Now the first area's Hostiles are not that hard to defeat, but the second area, the third area are harder etc . .

I will list the weapons in each zone
1 - 357 Magnum
2 - 1911 Pistol
3 - Crossbow
4 - Sniper Rifle
5 - Shotgun
6 - Grenades
7 - UZI Submachine gun
8 - RPG

But it isnt as easy as it seems, as you will meet some unfriendly mutants along the way.


A Small Arabian City near a DNA Test Facility has been overrun by disgusting "mutants"
The Arabian goverment has hired a team, Team TCBF ( Tactical Capture Backup Force ) But the mutants were too strong
They took your teammates, the goverment is being overrun by these mutants . . .

But there is hope.

Although the mutants stripped you of everything and left you for dead, there are still weapons located in and around
the city. These were left as this town was involved in a civil war recently. The mutants are made from TV189 a unstoppable highly contagious form of HIV that can be spread by breath, A scientist caught it
orginially and spread it to all of the other scientists in his lab. This is a worldwide panademic. You must reach the test center and fight through to LAB ROOM 6.2 To Collect the Antidote,
from there we will be able to save whoever we can.


Development of TV189 Has unfortunately stopped due to  <15 FPS in Editing Software and general optimisation problems. I will release v1.07 as a final release. It has been fun developing this game and I will publish a post-morteom. I created a maze and made the Final boss not 1 hit to kill. It has been nice seeing my game progress and get downloaded. I thank everyone who was involved on this.


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I gave the game a try and found it interesting at the very least.

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